Are you looking for a presentation for a nature or photography related event?? Take a look at the topics we can provide for you. For each topic an estimate is given on the duration. Each topic can be shortened according to your demands. Please contact us to check availability. As we continue to visit new countries, new subjects will be added regularly.


The Gambia

This west African country is well known for the tremendous amount of birds that can be found during the European winter. It is therefore visited by lots of foreign birders, despite the fact that the country does not hold any endemic species. Ofcourse Kotu will take a prominent place in this presentation but we'll also take you along on a tour round the country which includes Tanji and Brufut forests, Madiana, Faraba Banta, Marakissa and inland Tendaba.

 Duration: 45 minutes to just over 1 hour.


Palm-nut Vulture - Kartong - 2016-02-04 - 01Blue Basker - Kartong - 2016-02-04 - 04 copySenegal Thick-knee - Kotu - 2016-02-03 - 15White-crowned Robin-chat - Kotu - 2016-02-05 - 18


 This enormous country ranks in the top 5 of most biodiverse countries in the world. Although the country is famous for its many bird species, mammals are abundant as well. We recorded many different species of which we will show as many as possible during this presentation. For a three week trip this country hosts way too many great ares to visit, therefore the number of places we visited was somewhat limited. Let us take you along to magical places like Itatiaia, Iguacu falls, Pantanal, Chapada dos Guimaraes, Serra dos Orgaos and Guiapiacu. Be amazed by the richness of this countries nature but be warned: attending this lecture will surely make you enthousiastic for a visit on your own!

 Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours.


 Chestnut-bellied Euphonia - Itatiaia - 2015-08-29 - 06 copyGiant Anteater - Pantanal - 2015-09-10 - 35 copyGlittering-bellied Emerald - Guapiau - 2015-09-15 - 02Jaguar - Pantanal - 2015-09-07 - 09



The most well known migration hot spot in the northern hemisphere is a well visited destination among birders. It boasts a large birding community and virtually all interesting spots are visisted by many birders each year, resulting in many interesting species being recorded. Although the country is worth visiting all year most birds can be found during spring migration. Surely Eilat is one of the best visited places but many other spots like Nizzana, Yotvata, Ne'ot Smadar, Amram and Uvda plains will all be covered in this presentation.

 Duration: 45 minutes to just over 1 hour.

Arabian Babbler - Nizzana - 2014-03-24 - 06 copyBlack-winged Stilt - Eilat - 2014-03-28 - 06 copyRed-throated Pipit - Yotvata - 2014-03-27 - 10 copySteppe Eagle - Eilat - 2014-03-28 - 12 copy



The island of Cuba is a birders paradise although it holds few species compared to other well known birding destinations in the world. Many of the Cuban endemics are very appealing, take for example the Cuban Tody which is as common as it's cuteness. In another way Cuba is special as it hosts the smallest bird known today: the Bee Hummingbird. We tried and succeeded in finding them and ofcourse we like to share the excitement of an encounter with this special bird with you. During this presentation we show you the beaty of this country which will probably be changing rapidly in the very near future. The places we visited include Vinales, Zapata Swamp, Najasa area, Caya Coco and La Guira National Park.

Duration: 45 minutes to just over 1 hour.

Cuban Bullfinch - Vinales - 2012-11-15 - 08 copy PBaseCuban Tody - Vinales - 2012-11-15 - 02 copy PBaseRed-legged Thrush - La Moka - 2012-11-12 - 02 copy PBaseZapata Sparrow - Playa Larga - 2012-11-19 - 03 copy PBase


Costa Rica

Being among the most bio diverse nations in the world Costa Rica is a place one has to visit once in a life time. During this presentation we will take you along our trip that brought us to famous places like the forests of La Selva, the Arenal volcano, the higlands of San Gerardo de Dota, swamps of Tarcoles River, Carara National Park, Tapanti National park and Rancho Naturalista. One special feature of this presentation will be the hummingbirds which, over the years, has become one of our favourite bird families and are ubiquitous all over the country.

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours. 

Resplendent Quetzal - San Gerardo de Dota - 2011-11-29 - 04 copy PBaseBlue-grey Tanager - Sarapiqui - 2011-11-20 - 07 copy PBaseFlame-collored Tanager - San Gerardo de Dota - 2011-11-27 - 04 copy PBaseMagnificent Hummingbird - San Gerardo de Dota - 2011-11-27 - 09 copy PBase


Ethiopia is only just starting to attract more and more birdwatchers from abroad and is therefore relatively unknown as a birding destination. During this presentation we will illustrate that Ethiopia deserves to be called a top birding country in it's own right with it's many endemic birds and spectacular landscapes. Besides the many fantastic birds Ethiopia hosts the rarest canine species in the world, the Ethiopian Wolf, as well as it's favorite prey the Giant Molerat. As we take you along to places like Wondo Genet, Lake Ziway, Negelle, Yabello and Lake Awassa you may be ending up planning you own trip to Ethiopia.

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours.

Somali Bunting - Negelle - 2012-03-01 - 03 copy PBase aaaaaaaBlue-winged Goose - Sanetti Plateau - 2012-02-27 - 03 copy PBaseRougets Rail - Sanetti Plateau - 2012-02-28 - 07 copy PBaseErlangers Lark - Debre Birhan - 2012-03-09 - 05 copy PBase



Canada probably makes you imagine endless, unspoilt forests, bears and Bald Eagles. Although you will probably see all of that on a typical visit to Canada, the country has much more to offer. Let us take you to the western most Canadian provinces - British Columbia and Alberta - to show you the great natural spectacles that this country has to offer. Famous places like Banff, Jasper, Vancouver Island, Manning and Clearwater are all covered during this presentation.

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours.

Harlequin Duck - Jasper - 2010-06-14 - 11 copy PBaseTree Swallow - Irricana - 2010-06-09 - 13 copy PBaseSpruce Grouse - Wells Gray - 2010-06-17 - 06 copy PBase


Probably the best visited European birding destination, and for good reason. Many people who visit this relatively small mediterranean island will return again as the first visit makes one want more. During april and may Lesvos holds enough bird species to keep birdwatchers and photographers very busy. Some places on the island are notorious for the large groups of migrating passerines and raptors.

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours.

Little Owl - Ipsilou - 2011-05-09 - 16 copyLittle Bittern - Faneromeni - 2011-05-09 - 19Scheltopusik - Sigri - 2011-05-09 - 07 copy


South Africa

For anyone with a keen interest in nature South Africa has it all: mammals, plants, insects and ofcourse birds. This presentation will take you on a journey to the Kruger National Park, Ithala and Mkuzi game reserves, Drakensbergen, St Lucia and Wakkerstroom where many of the most wanted animals of South Africa live. We will focus on both birds and mammals and show the diverse nature that one can encounter during a visit.

Duration: approximately 1 hour. This presentation can be extended with the next subject.

African Jacana - St Lucia - 2014-09-07 - 04Chacma baboon - Hoedspruit - 2014-08-28 - 03 copyGround Hornbill - Krugerpark - 2005-07-27 - 04


Namibia / Botswana

Being situated in the southern edge of the African continent, Namibia and Botswana share many of their natural icons with South Africa (see previous subject). Nevertheless Namibia and Botswana are also very different, birdwise as well as regarding the landscape. Places like the sand dunes of Sossusvlei and the Etosha National Park are natural wonders in it's own right and many rare animal species can be encountered anywhere. This presentation will also take you to many other places around the country including Waterberg, the Caprivi Strip, Swakopmund, Windhoek and the Okavango delta of Botswana.

Duration: approximately 1 hour. This presentation can be extended with the previous subject.

Cape Sparrow - Sossusvlei - 2007-09-13 - 05 copyShort-toed Rock-Thrush - Windhoek - 2007-08-25 - 04 copyLittle Bee-eater - Rundu - 2007-08-29 - 04 copy


The Extremadura is probably known as one of the most accessible places in Europe where good numbers of both Litte and Great Bustards still occur. Other than that the Extremadura hosts a lot of species that are equally interesting. Black Storks and Griffon Vultures breed alongside the rarer Egyptian- and Cinereous Vulture, Spanish Imperial- and Bonelli's Eagle and Eurasian Eagle Owl. The plains between Cáceres and Trujillo hold huge numbers of passerines like Short-toed Lark, Spanish Sparrow, Hoopoe, Red-rumped Swallow, Woodchat Shrike and Corn Bunting.

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes.

Corn Bunting - Caceres - 2008-04-26 - 08Griffon Vulture - Monfrague - 2008-04-29 - 02 copyMontagus Harrier - Santa Marta de Magasca - 2008-04-27 - 06 copy


Today this former Maya empire is the perfect destination for combining culture with nature. As many (rain) forests in the country are still intact and many of the maya ruins are located in the most untouched areas, these complexes are the perfect place to combine birdwatching with some history classes. This trip starts in Cancun and takes you to the famous ruins of Chitzen Itza, Dzibilchaltún, Uxmal, Cobá, Palenque and Tulum. Wetlands are well represented too with both Célestun and Villahermosa putting in an appearance.

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes.

Chichen Itza - Ruines - 2013-11-28 - 06 HDR copyNorthern Waterthrush - Puerto Morelos - 2013-11-26 - 04 copyTropical Mockingbird - Chichen Itza - 2013-11-29 - 13


Well known for it's unique animals Australia is one of the countries you surely have to visit at least once in a lifetime. Not the least for the extremely friendly people that you will meet during your stay. In terms of birdwatching many places are unsurpassed in their diverse birdlife. The extreme climate makes for many of the mammals to have become nocturnal and thus more difficult to spot. Let us take you to magical places along the eastern coast like Lamington, Fraser Island, Paluma, Atherton tablelands, Great Barrier Reef and Eungella to show you many of the reasons to visit this vast and extreme country.

Duration: 1 to 1,5 hours. This presentation can be extended with the next subject.

Sooty Tern - Michaelmas Cay - 2009-09-12 - 08Flame Robin - Bruny Island - 2009-09-16 - 07 copyLittle Penguin - Bruny Island - 2009-09-16 - 01 copy


The smallest state of Australia is home to the Tasmanian Devil which was our main reason to include it in our Australia itinerary. Tasmania is also home to 14 endemic bird species which can nearly all be seen in a few days. In addition Tasmania exhibits many spectacular landscapes, especially in the central mountains and the Freycinet peninsula. The presentation will also feature images of a spectacular off shore trip to see Tasmania's spectacular rocky coast from a different side.

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes. This presentation can be extended with the previous subject.

Tasmanian Native-Hen - Cradle Mountain - 2009-09-20 - 05 copyWhite-fronted Chat - Bruny Island - 2009-09-16 - 06 copyYellow Wattlebird - Hobart - 2009-09-25 - 02 copy