In case you wonder who we are: this is the place to find out!

Michel was born in 1975 in Amersfoort. He raised an interest in nature from about the age of 7. The older he got, the more he began enjoying nature in general and birds in particular. His father took him out to the world famous Oostvaardersplassen right in the centre of the country on many occasions. Birds that were rather scarce back then like White-tailed Eagle and Great White Egret strongly enhanced the love for birds and the craving for many more spectacular species that could be found in Holland.

At the age of 16 the addiction became uncontrollable and frantic bikerides (of sometimes well over 150 kilometres) were undertaken whenever dad didn't feel like coming along on another birding trip. When he reached the legal driving age, a motorbike, and sometimes mum and dad's car, brought him to the Oostvaardersplassen and many other local spots around the city of Amersfoort on a very regular basis.

In 1991 the first connection was made with the Dutch Birding Asscociation which fired up another addiction: chasing rare birds around the country. The first "twitch" (rush to see a new bird on the personal list) in 1993 to see a Sardinian Warbler in Lauwersoog was done by public transport. This was so much a turn off (it took about 4,5 hours only to get to the place) that the next twitch would not be until 2 years later, seeing the countries first twitchable Dartford Warbler at Westkapelle. From that point the race was on and many new birds were chased in order to expand the various lists.

So it happened in 1998 that Michel was working at a pharmaceutical laboratory where he was appointed trainer of a new colleague. This new colleague happened to be a girl, born in 1979, going by the name of Brenda. It took both of them two years to realize that they liked each other when they finally got involved. Brenda grew up in the rural town of Benschop where she picked up a little bit on the living critters around her. It was not until she met Michel that this interest was stirred up. The stories of his whereabouts in each passing weekend always thrilled her (at least that's wat Michel believed) and it was even before they got together that she came along on a birdwatching morning.

From the year 2000 Michel and Brenda became a couple and Brenda did her utmost to catch up with the knowledge that Michel had already acquired, something she did excellent. The first holidays together were spent in various European countries but in 2004 their first trip outside Europe was a fact. The USA made a tremendous impression and from that point on the horizon expanded and so did their holiday destinations. Together they became amazed by many foreign birds and maybe even more so by just as many awesome mammals, butterflies, amphibians and reptiles. Especially during their outings to the African continent. The list of visited countries is ever increasing and so is the collection of photographs. Some of which can ofcourse be found at this site.